Cacti (and others) @ Seattle Conservatory

The Seattle Conservatory was a treat.  Even if plants don’t light your fire, go for no other reason than to stand under the blooming Angel’s Trumpet and breathe deep. The scent is heavenly and unlike most plants, best morning and eve.  The conservatory is nestled in Volunteer Park, and the park itself is a nice place.  My favorite part of that visit was the succulents.

I love cacti and succulents.  They are oddness glorified, and there was a room full of them!

Hen and chicks. Ok, so adorable name, ubiquitous and hardy, charming form – what’s not to love?!?

Jade necklace. I wouldn’t call it pretty exactly, but fascinating would do.

Jade relation. A note about growing jade plants indoors… supposedly these are the EASIEST plants to grow.  Virtually indestructible. So says you…I have managed to exterminate a whole mature pot of it. (Twice, ha)

OUCH! Some seats aren’t worth having regardless of how many gardens I’ve dragged you through!