Thank you Seattle…

…for the introduction to Dark Chocolate Linguine.  Truly amazing (as are the garlic basil penne and Italian mixed pasta).  Walking through Pike Street Market gave me a chance to dream of upcoming summer attractions from the Ocker kitchen.  I’m most excited to try the rose petal jelly – beautiful, overwhelmingly “rosy”, yet lovely.  I might even suck up the courage to try lavender jelly.  It wasn’t as good as the rose petal, but still unique and I have plenty enough lavender I do nothing with.  Then there’s the delicious pepper jelly which I may have to garlic up.  In this household, garlic makes everything better.  It seems jellies were at the top of the list.  And of course, the dark chocolate linguine with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and raspberries on top.

We laughed and laughed at these self-cleaning public toilets:

Yep, they are real and many are for sale (you guessed it – on eBay – starting bid $89,000)!  So for all of you who are self-cleaning ignorant (or heaven forbid, jealous), understand that the doors close and OPEN on their own.  After you exit, the doors will close fairly quickly and the toliet lid gets pulled back into the wall and cleaned.  (Ok, so one of the people there peeked in a crack to find this out).  It also alerts, “You have ten minutes until the doors open”.  But no pressure, right?  No hurry, you’re just trapped in a steel contraption that may open at any time while your pants are down.  So, to top off the fact that it was such a novelty to use that a friend of ours HAD to use it, we also got to see a man who really really had to go RIGHT NOW!  He popped in before the cleaning cycle could begin, which means the doors started to close as he entered.  And much like any automatic door, they started opening just as he was dropping drawers.  OOPS!