We CAN have babies, I think…

Everyone wonders.  Some ask.  Our first choice.  Our God dream.  I know it’s unusual for two healthy, well-balanced, fertile, young married people to choose to adopt their first (and maybe all their children).  That explains it then, I am not well-balanced.  Now my husband, as many of you know – he is the balanced one.  How I talked him into this I’ll never know.

One thought on “We CAN have babies, I think…”

  1. Hi Amy,
    I’m a little late to this blog party, but wanted to say that we never bothered to look into whether or not we were fertile before we decided to adopt. And have no regrets. We brought our daughter home 3 years ago, when she was one, and can’t imagine any child being any more ours than she. Adoption, for many families, is a mysterious, fated thing. Your daughter Sunita is gorgeous and does look like she has light emanating from within her! Best of luck going forward to China. I hope to watch your journey on your blog and feel excited for you and your family.
    Very best wishes,

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