A pregnancy pain…or something like it!

I usually am at least somewhat tolerable of a disordered, unorganized, slightly choatic home, but lately I have found myself absolutely a mess with our mess.  I thought at first that it was just a phase and it would pass, but BOY was I WRONG!!  I am feeling very overwhelmed – with all the changes for baby Sunita, cleaning my house,  getting storage built for the stuff being displaced by baby, and returning to work.  My first thought – quit work – but I am equally scared, anxiety-ridden, and completely helpless if I stay home!  And with work I’m not moping around missing my old job. GAH!?! Is this the “nesting”?  Cause frankly, I’m ready to be done with it.  Our house has been in a state of “improvement” since we moved in…4 years ago…and I’ve lived happily (mostly) in it all that time.  So now what do I do??

One thought on “A pregnancy pain…or something like it!”

  1. oh how i hear you, amy. all of life turns upside down and inside out when you become a parent. that which has always soothed you, feels abrasive and vice versa. you are facing so many changes. life without high schoolers, life with a baby (who is painfully far away), life bringing a trip that’s difficult to know how to prepare for, life, life, life… we want to be available to you in any way you need. we are available to clean toilets, organize bookshelves, listen, pack, dry tears, or dance along with the happy dances. we believe in you, love you, respect you, and anticipate sunita’s arrival with you. your entire family is precious to us!! doreen and fam.

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