I’m Ready for Sunita to Come Home Now

For those of you who can’t or haven’t gotten to see the nursery lately, here are some pics.

The crib is ready.  The rocking horse is ready for “running” through the fields by a dream and a wish.

This is my sad state of organization for now.  The clothes are separated into bags by size. Toys are in one, medicine and bath stuff in another.  It isn’t perfect, but it’ll do – FOR NOW. Eventually, I’m hoping to have a curtain “door”.

I think my mom is a marvelous artist.  I specifically commissioned her to “paint me a world that would be cute for a nursery”.  This is what she did.  I completely love it.  This brings me to the overwhelming, thorough, and almost painful humility I feel after having my baby showers.  The homemade items not only took time, patience, work, and creativity but are beautiful treasures. I certainly feel that we don’t deserve this much. As I write my thank yous, I wish I could convey how very much all of the givers have meant to me and to us.

This is what I have “packed” for Sunita’s trip home. Travel size baby stuff, a few toys, 2 outfits for while we are there, pjs, a warm onesie for the airplane ride, and lots of diapers.  Most of the things we might need we can buy in India. So here it is. I’m trying to pack as little as possible. O, and I’ll throw in two blankets.