A Break from Life

Hubby and I were in desperate need of a vacation – FROM LIFE.  We had tons to do, the washer had been broken for weeks, taxes weren’t done (and we didn’t know if we could claim Sunita since she isn’t adopted here in the states yet), we needed to get busy doing the paperwork in the states for her adoption, and more and more.  So we took a break, and on Feb. 27 we went to Fort Stevens and stayed in a yurt for the weekend.

The yurts at Fort Stevens.

Half of the inside.

A view out the door.

It was just what we needed.  Dad and daughter played.  Mom rested.  The peanut enjoyed crawling around on the yurt floor and playing on the top bunk of the bunk beds (with dad of course!).

Saturday we went to the Astoria Coffee House.  We had wonderful Stumptown coffee (which is why I chose the place) and pastries.  The coffee was good but somewhat expensive, and the pastries were good but not knock your socks off.  Still, it was a wonderful morning because baby napped in her car seat while I drank wonderful hot nectar of the gods and enjoyed the atmosphere and the company.

Then we drove around Astoria and just looked around.  It was cold and wet, typical Oregon coast weather.  Astoria was fun to explore, even by car.

The bridge from Astoria to Washington is 4 miles.  It was fun to see all the shorebirds and the bald eagles sitting on the mudflats.

Such a tempting place.

This is NOT a fake.  Right next to the road this deer just stood there and looked at us. At the bottom of the photograph you can see the road barrier. We saw it on our way up to the Astoria Column.

What would a coast trip be without the sea lion show?

We did do some exploring of Fort Stevens itself as well.  This is a barracks/battery/etc. at the fort.  We went and poked all around it.  It would be a great place to play sardines or hide and seek.

Dad and the little “sweetheart” found the fighting spirit.

I think she kind of looks like an owl with a 360 degree view.  Her legs are tucked into the pack and we tried to keep her cozy because it was COLD!

Wait to scroll down if you want to attempt the challenge of “Where’s the Sandpipers”?  10 feet away we stood and didn’t see them at first, but hubby has sharp eyes and caught them moving.

The close up.  Can you see them now?  How many do you count?

There are 7.

Try again?

How about in the close up? The camoflague they have is incredible.

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  1. What?! We both went to Astoria within a week of each other?! Crazy. Well, sounds like you had a (much deserved) great time. We were only there for a night so we missed the sea lions and the coffee shop – we’ll have to do that next time.

    And great pictures!

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