Deep Thinking

My blog isn’t about deep thinking.  Yet, ever since we adopted (and this is probably true of anyone who has children), there is an added gravity to my life.

Sometimes I wonder why I continue to write and post pictures.  I was reading this post by Lisa (supermom of 11 and writer of A Bushel and a Peck) and couldn’t help but wonder if my blogging is something more than a personal journal the world can see.  Is it all me, me, me?  Or munchkin, munchkin, munchkin?

I hope not.

This leads me to this post.  A post whose primary purpose is to connect you to another post about God and Adoption, written by Tonggu Momma, writer of Our Little Tongginator (linked to by supermom Lisa).  This post does an excellent job of summing up how I feel about adoption.  The comments are also worth reading.

To summarize: I wrote a post so I could have you read another person’s blog that contains deep thoughts.  Stellar.

One thought on “Deep Thinking”

  1. What’s so funny to me is THAT is my typical mode of operation! I usually write fluff about pointless topics or me! me! me! And on Sundays I link to other posts written by the Deep Thinkers within the adoption blogging community. Heh. Thanks for the link!

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