Mama Got Crafty

All of these projects were based off of other people’s tutorials (which are linked where appropriate) but then were frankensteined to suit my laziness, incompetency, and other “issues” (like not having any bias tape, not knowing what a french seam is or how to do it, etc…).  I am a very beginner in the world of sewing, so any fault you see is not due to the tutorials, just me.  All of these items were 100% repurposed.

Some new pants from old pants of mine.  I have further designs on these pants, but haven’t gotten around to doing anything more with them.

New seatbelt covers – I strayed wildly from the tutorial.  And I learned how to make my own bias tape – let’s pretend it was easy.

New dress made from one of G’pa J’s old Hickory logging shirts.  I can’t help but wonder what he would think about that.  I just barely followed the tutorial for this dress and the next.  Apparently I can’t be bothered to actually measure twice and cut once. No, I am more of the stitch it in, seam rip it out, then  again – oy again and one more time – again (each time trying it on an increasingly testy little munchkin).  Done.

A new little Hawaiian dress.