The Birds – Malheur

Snipes are for real.  This is a Common Snipe.  Snipe hunting is still more accurate as a joke though – these suckers are usually tough to find.

Momma Great Horned Owl

You can kind of see the fuzzy grey babies in this shot.

Ruddy Duck and mate. The bright blue of its beak is not photoshopped, just naturally weird.

I don’t know that I’ll ever see enough California Quail to stop liking them.  They remind me of little gentlemen and I love how they group and run with their babies.

Do you see it?  We scared it out of its hidey hole here and it flew across Diamond Crater to land…

…here.  I’ll give you a hint, its another Great Horned Owl.  They are often found here.

Now do you see it?

The American Coot.  I loathe these.  Any birder would understand.  Stupid water chicken.

Beautiful Cinnamon Teal and mate.

Western Meadowlark.  Novel to us now that I live in Western Oregon.  In Idaho and Eastern Oregon they are everywhere.  I miss hearing their song here.

Do you see what I see?

Now?  That is a burrowing owl on the left end of the log.

Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus, AKA, Yellow-Headed Blackbird.  Again they are everywhere there but nowhere here, so I’m smitten with them.

We did some great birding in Malheur but didn’t get as many good shots as we would have liked.  I was so glad Hubby got to experience the same trip I’ve been on before.  It is a treat to go with others who know so much about an area; it makes it much more interesting and much easier to bird.