Eating From the Pantry Recipes

Here are many of the recipes I have been and will be using this month as we eat from the pantry.  I have included links to many of the recipes I use or recipes I have used in the past.  Most of the meals are delicious and we would eat them any day of the week, so we don’t really feel like we are sacrificing much.

Pizza – with whatever toppings you have handy.  We do pizza night every Friday so I always have plenty of cheese.  I also make my own pizza crust (so easy!) and can my own pizza sauce in the summer.  We love BBQ chicken pizza and chicken-artichoke-ranch pizza as well.  I usually go ahead and make two pizzas even though there are only 3 of us, so we can share with friends that sometimes come over or eat it for lunches over the next few days.  We will likely run out of chicken and cheese before the month is over, but I’ll try to stretch it.

French dip (AKA drip beef).  Both versions are excellent.  If you don’t like spice, avoid the one with pepperoncinis.  I make my own sandwich rolls, which are shaped into mini loaves.  We had tots and spinach salad to balance out the meal.  We will get 3 meals (whether dinners or lunches) out of 2-1/2 pounds of chuck steak (cheapo piece of meat).

Salmon with boxed mashed potatoes (forgot we even had them in the pantry), spinach salad, and green beans with sesame seeds.  The green beans were frozen from the garden last summer.  The salmon (frozen) is from Costco, which is usually a pretty good deal.  We can stretch one salmon fillet (with plenty of sides) to feed all of us.

Enchiladas (using leftover meat from the freezer or from one of the previous meals) with corn (from the garden and frozen), refried beans, and Mexican rice.  I’ll add tortilla chips, olives, guacamole, and sour cream if I have them on hand.  For sour cream I have substituted plain yogurt with a splash of lime/lemon juice or vinegar and it is close enough to fool most people.

Chipotle pork posole with cornbread, green beans, spinach salad (with varied homemade dressing) and applesauce (home canned).  Should be lots of leftovers.

Chili with left-over corn bread and pears (home canned).

Cheese and spinach ravioli (from Costco) with a browned butter sage sauce.  Serve with garlic cheese bread (or french bread), spinach salad, and peaches (home canned).

Chili cheese fries with leftover chili.  Serve with green beans and a fruit (applesauce, pears, peaches, or fresh fruit).

Marinated salmon with couscous, whiskey glazed carrots, and salad.

I use up the meat I have and this time I happened to have 3 steaks I froze in marinade.  Served with fries and a Mediterranean chop (spinach) salad.  I should have made some rolls to go with it, but it was the weekend and I didn’t wanna.  The salad is heavy duty on the protein so it will be part of Hubby’s lunches during the work week.

Passover Brisket with caramelized green beans and pine nuts, and a noodle kugel.  This should be a meal with plenty of leftovers for lunches and even a possible rerun.

Scramble with hashbrowns, onions, bacon, cheese, and eggs.  Serve with cinnamon toast and a fruit.

Maple salmon with spicy yam fries and peas.

Coconut-lime turkey and rice soup with crusty bread.  This will feed us about 3 meals I expect.

Tuna melts with pretzels/chips and a fruit.

Soy glazed salmon with maple whipped sweet potatoes and a salad.

I also make a lot of muffins, scones, and bagels, which all work great for Husband’s grab-and-go breakfasts, as well as waffles and pancakes for those of us who eat breakfast at home.  I typically avoid things that take a lot of eggs, meat, or cheese.

For snacks I make deviled (or plain hard-boiled) eggs, pretzels, or I have cut-up carrots/other veggies and make ranch dressing, hummus or spinach artichoke dip.  For sweet snacks I make cookies or other desserts, “poptarts“, pretzels, or granola/granola bars.  Dessert is actually one of the easiest things to make while cleaning out the pantry.  I also canned some cherry pie filling and apple pie filling and have some frozen berries and other fruit.  We tend to have good desserts because I plan ahead better when doing the pantry challenge.