Fairy Flower Girl

Munchkin gets the honor of being a flower girl for my (youngest) punk brother’s wedding.  I’m making her fairy dress and wreath.  Here is the first “fitting”.

You know when you write a paper and you make an outline, then a rough draft, then make edits, and then turn in a final copy?  Well let’s just call this my outline.  The wreath is not actually held together and the dress isn’t sewn.  Also, it’s miles too long right now.  But the real question is – what says you, bride?

As a side note, she (shockingly) was not into doing a fashion show or getting her picture taken.  So, being the astoundingly kind and compassionate mother that I am, said, “OK, we will go fast.”

And I don’t know what she is doing with her hand – I think that’s her Dad’s genes.

One thought on “Fairy Flower Girl”

  1. I love it! The color is perfect and I think the wreath is going to be the right touch=) Suni looks like a lil snowpea fairy; I love how the light blue makes her pop and even adore her expression with the dress!
    Btws, I love that Drew is the punk brother=) means I am his fairy punk rock fiance! Tickles me happy
    Thanks Amy for your amazing work on the dress so far! Our best wishes go out to you, Jared, Suni, and our soon to be nephew- Titus! We love all of you guys to pieces<3

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