Brother and Sister

I know I’m getting behind, but we had a busy two days.  There is so much I want to share with you, just not enough time to do so.  I had to share this darling photo.  It looks so sweet, doesn’t it?  In reality they were actually trying to take the book from each other, but I’m going to pretend they were laying there together, cuddling, and reading books.  You can too!


#51 family and friends who help to shield my kids from too much attention

#52 spontaneous laughter

#53 being able to distract a crying boy

#54 good food

#55 hui likes his baba (dad)

#56 sweet big sister, who has been incredible

#57 good sleep (i think this has popped up more than once)

#58 big, free breakfast

#59 maids

#60 god’s faithfulness (always, all the time)


4 thoughts on “Brother and Sister”

  1. I’m with you- I’m ignoring the back-story to the picture and seeing sweet, loving siblings reading together. Adorable! And btw, I’ll take some big, free breakfast and maids.

  2. Dear me, that is a cutey-face picture if I ever saw one. Can’t wait to meet him, and have you guys back home.

  3. Love the picture, looks to me like Sunita reading to Hui. Even though she holds the book funny. Love You All.

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