Cultural Zoo

While in Kunming we went to a people zoo.  Our guide called it the cultural village, but it really did feel like a zoo.  It’s kind of like the places we have where you can go to see cultural or ethnic exhibits, except the people actually live here.

Some of the guides.  When we saw them taking breaks they would take off some of their outfit accessories.  The people who live there are true ethnic minorities, but you could tell they were still putting on a show.

The grounds were all beautiful and park-like.  It wouldn’t be a bad place to live, minus the hundreds of strangers passing through the space everyday.

We joked that this will be what all the pictures of Hui (sounds like “Hway” by the way) will look like.  He is starting to sleep less, but still is sleeping a lot for a 2-1/2 year old.

Each “tribe” had their own dress, own religion, own housing, etc.

These pictures are from the Thai section in the village.  It was interesting that our guide still called them “a tribe”.

He also called the Mongol people a tribe.  But he said they look like normal Chinese because of intermarriage.  This is one of their houses.  It was impressive.

There were 25 tribes in the village.  We saw maybe ten percent of the village, and it still took us around two hours.

The man riding the bicycle here was part of a tribe our coordinator called “black”.  Supposedly the darker you are in this tribe the more value you have.  They were eating lunch and our group accidentally walked in on them taking their break because we thought the house was open for viewing.  As soon as they saw Sunita, it was like a stampede.  We got her out of there as quickly as possible.  They were very sweet, just overbearing.

We thought this area was beautiful.  I forget what tribe this was for, but it was for worship.

It was strange seeing people living their lives under our gawking eyes.  It was a beautiful place and very interesting, but also very strange.