From Grandma’s Perspective

We are staying in probably the nicest hotel I have ever been in.

But all this opulent luxury pales in comparison to the joy I feel in watching this Ocker family of three becoming four.

To see Titus Hui blossom under his mama’s patient, persistent teaching; to see him go to papa and raise his hands to be held, to see him play gently with his sister (who still loves her little brother) – to see him become an Ocker gives me delight beyond words I can express.  And the “little” things – he loves to dip his eggs in ketchup like Mama (Amy says this is a giant understatement, egg only begins the story), he likes to grab the knife (like Papa), and if he were allowed, he would saw through the tablecloth.  He is very neat and tidy – not liking anything left on his fingers or mouth and using a napkin to take off it.  He is learning to play so nicely with his sister – to color together and play ball together.  He even allows her to touch him now. 

He loves to crawl under things, to play peek-a-boo, and to run!  He is already picking up English words.  His giggle and smile are so precious.

We can feel the power of God in answers to the prayers you have prayed for us.  We are so grateful.  I thank Mark for making it possible for me to come, for Jared and Amy allowing me on this journey, and to God for His abundant blessings – in so many ways.

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