We had less full days since we’ve been in Guangzhou.  We got Hui’s visa picture and did his medical exam on Saturday.

Here’s our bus.  It’s huge.

This is one of our guides.  I’m pretty sure she deserves a skin-tight suit and a cape, because she must be a superhero.

This is the outside of the clinic.  It isn’t a large place.

The street outside of the clinic.  The roads aren’t very big either.

Hui didn’t like this, none of it.  I can’t blame he.  Sunita cried every time we went to the doctor for awhile.  I expect he will be the same.

On the island where the medical center is (Shamian Island) there are many wedding photos being taken.  I wish we had more pictures of the different wedding dresses here.  They are very creative!

On Sunday, we did a little shopping.

We checked the TB test and did a little more shopping on Monday.

One of our purchases was this North Face backpack.  I’m pretty sure it was the real deal at 130 yuan (around 20 US dollars)…

Today is Tuesday and we have a mostly unstructured day.   We really have just hung out.  We fed the fish, walked around, and ate.  Hui is napping and we are hoping Sunita will very SOON.  She is hitting the end her accommodation of new things.  She has been having a hard time the last couple days.  She hasn’t been sleeping well, she is starting to envy her brother more, and she is all off schedule.  All that being said, she generally is still doing really well for as much as we are throwing at her.  You can pray for her.  She is ready for “normal” food and a normal schedule.

We are loving our time here in Guangzhou.  The food has been wonderful.  We’ve taken to eating at McDonald’s almost every day for Sunita to have something she is really comfortable with and we found out Hui LOVES french fries (with ketchup, of course).  We would rather eat elsewhere, but both kids eat well there.  Our hotel is excellent.  We’ve all enjoyed feeding the fish, the play structure, and the pool.  But it isn’t home.  We miss home and all of you and as much as we have enjoyed our time in China we will be glad to be heading your way soon!

3 thoughts on “Guangzhou”

  1. These pictures of the kids are beautiful! We miss you guys and can’t wait to see you soon and meet Titus. Yesterday, Finn was “driving” my car and I asked him where we were going and he said “meet Titus”. I think he is excited too!

  2. McDonalds huh, chicken nuggets? Hui seems to smile and laugh quite a bit, or are you just getting the great pics? Love you all. Safe trip home.

  3. A special word for Jared, Amy, Sunita and Hui from Wayne: “I miss you!”

    Much love and many prayers are all sent to you. Love, Linnea

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