Thought I posted this yesterday but it looks like something didn’t work right…

Getting caught up.  We flew into Guangzhou two days ago, but we got here just in time for the kids to go to bed.  We are with a group of ten other families, and Rebecca and Lily are taking amazing care of ALL of us.  It’s truly a feat.  Our flight to Guangzhou was only two hours from Kunming and it was very smooth.  Hui and Sunita both did very well.  Our hotel is truly 5 stars here.  It is incredible.  Check out the video of our room below because pictures don’t do it justice.  We’re on the 26th floor and have an amazing view.  I don’t know if I’ve ever stepped into a hotel this nice.  It is a wonderful way to end our journey.  We are staying at The Garden Hotel.

Yesterday we did the doctor appointment (ENT, exam, TB test) and it was no fun.  There might be more on that later.  Today we shopped, nothing much to mention there.  As for the hotel, we are loving this part of our “vacation”.  Oh, and I think I’m losing weight, while having ice cream almost everyday.  All kinds of good things happening!

4 thoughts on “Opulence”

  1. Wow! The hotel room reminds me of what you see in the movies. I can’t tell if I’m seeing this right, but is the person showering visible from the beds??

    And you must be in some kind of bizarro world- I never lose weight when I eat ice cream every day. Totally not fair 🙂

    Miss you guys

  2. Yep, it’s a total fishbowl. Although there’s (thankfully) retractable blinds for privacy. But when they’re up, you can watch the bedroom TV from the tub; there’s even a speaker in the bathroom ceiling. Not sure why, but the toilet has a glass door and side wall as well. Sunita is loving all the new gawking she can do.

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