Catch Up: The Cruise

Early in the day (on the 27th) we took it pretty easy and just played around on the play area at the hotel while Sunita rested.  We were so hopeful she would take a nap, but she didn’t.  We were sure she would be in a terrible mood since it would be a late night night and we wavered back and forth whether someone should stay at the hotel with her so she could get to bed on time.  We decided we would all go and make the best of it.

That evening we enjoyed a cruise on the Pearl River.  It was beautiful and very fancy.

It wasn’t a dress-up event, but we all ended up looking pretty spiffy.

The bridges were beautiful.

Much of the waterfront had received a facelift for the Asian games that were held there recently.

During the night, as we were on the top deck they began playing some music.  It was then we learned Titus Hui loves to dance!  Sunita ended up having a ball (thank Heavens!).  It was one of those treats we wouldn’t often indulge in and it was wonderful.

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  1. Hey…I think you caught us on the dragon boat dinner cruise. I was looking for you around GZ… Your Kunming boy sounds like our Kunming boy. Our Qujing/Yunnan girl is adjusting to life at home getting over jetlag. Rebecca

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