Catch Up: The Zoo

Most of our riding around was done in a tour bus.  We were with a group of ten other adoptive families, so the bus needed to be big.

Most of the time we were going anywhere this is what Titus Hui looked like.  Heaven forbid he miss a bus or motorcycle.

This is the entrance to the zoo.  I never would have guessed a zoo was there, right in the middle of the city.  It was a typical zoo, from what we saw.  The two pandas were a big hit.

This panda was pretty active and played in the water and climbed around quite a bit.

So were the baby monkeys.

The kids and I had a great time standing on the platform feeding the giraffes.  Titus did not like when the giraffes licked him though.

I think his favorite animal was the elephant, but it went inside before we could get any pictures of it.

Here I am packing both kids.  Go me!!

Just so you don’t think Jared is a total slacker, he packed Hui quite a ways too (Sunita was having a bit of an attitude problem and got to live in the Ergo for the duration of the zoo trip).  Hui liked to try and fall asleep on his head though.

The zoo was enjoyable, but hot and humid … 99ºF and 80-90% humidity.  It was good to be there only about two hours.  I don’t think we saw much of the zoo; I saw lots of offshoots where we didn’t walk.  I’ve heard there were dogs (like pet dogs, not wild dogs) at this zoo, but we didn’t see them.  Maybe next time  =)