These are “my” monkeys.  Okay, technically the little guy in the middle isn’t part of our family.  But since I’ve been watching him since he was six months old, he feels like he is.


Aren’t they silly?

And did I already say cute?!?

Of course we had to do this one.




#61 we are settling into a normal routine

#62 enjoying 3! toddlers

#63 lovely neighbors and friends

#64 titus sleeps through the night!

#65 a beautiful fall

#66 husband-made coffee this morning

#67 pumpkins lining the front of the house

# 68 my little helper in the kitchen helping make gingerbread “men”

#69 a husband who teaches our children to respect me

#70 kids who eat (mostly) what’s put in front of them

3 thoughts on “Monkeys”

  1. I love the first picture and how the kids are looking at you. I see such love and trust. Way cool and thanks for sharing! It’s odd being in this empty nest phase. I’m not complaining but sometimes I do reflect…

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