Prepping for Alzheimer’s

Can you identify the object to the left of my hand?

It’s on my windshield/hood while I’m driving down the highway at 50 mph.

Have you guessed yet?


Yep.  It’s a used diaper.  A stinky, rotten, did-not-want-to-leave-it-in-the-store-or-put-it-in-the-van kind of diaper.  So, I thought to my mature, focused, highly intelligent self that I would put it on my hood where I was sure to see it when I left the store and would, without a doubt, remember to drop it in a dumpster.  And even if by some chance, I forgot that it was there, I figured there was NO WAY I would miss it, located right in my line of sight.  I am not usually like this.  Although don’t ask my husband if that is true, or any close friends, or anyone who remotely knows me.  Also, this is not at all like the hot mitt incident.

3 thoughts on “Prepping for Alzheimer’s”

  1. Just glad you didn’t have to use the wipers! I’m so glad I’m not alone. While you were all in China, I took two empty bowls out of the dishwasher and put them in the fridge. At least for me it’s normal! And we are both teachers. Go figure. . .

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