Melatonin, Muscles, and Moving Forward

Last night we tried melatonin again with Titus.  We used it with him when we came home, but had quit because he didn’t seem to need it any longer.  We were wrong, we still need it, even if he doesn’t.  He fell asleep and stayed asleep much of the night.  He woke up and 4:30 and came out of his room and started to play with the toys that make noise right outside our bedroom door.  I had him come to bed with us and he slept the rest of the night.  Hallelujah!  Thank you all for your prayers.

Also, we finally have all of Titus’ first doctor appointments finished.  It appears he does have torticollis, which is a shortened muscle in his neck.  So we will be doing physical therapy with him for about 6 months and see how it goes.  Surgery is an option if the physical therapy doesn’t work.

Hopefully now we can start to return to more normal sleeping patterns and take a break from scary doctor visits.  They are really hard on the poor boy and it will be nice to have a little respite.


#71 for a husband who brings me water

#72 melatonin

#73 friends who drop by with coffee

#74 hugs from a brother to a sister

#75 a clean house, with clean sheets

#76 for friday pizza night

#77 for popcorn

#78 a long snuggle from titus after nap

#79 a friend who dropped by dressed up as paper bag princess

#80 sleeping kids!


2 thoughts on “Melatonin, Muscles, and Moving Forward”

  1. Ah, wish you lived here! We have such a wonderful and successful torticollis treatment program in my clinic! Glad the melatonin helps. We give melatonin to our Aspie from time to time (he asks when he feels he needs it), but we did not find it to work with Ari, who is fretful through every nap and every night. You just have to wonder what comes back to haunt them while they sleep. I have every reason to believe Ari was in a good place and well loved before she came home to us – but it’s not enough to cancel out the times they were alone and scared, I guess! Poor little angels, and poor helpless-feeling parents! 🙂

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