My Coupon Box

This is what I’ve settled on for my coupons.  It is about the size a shoe box.  I categorize the coupons by aisle*, more-or-less alphabetically (listed below).  In the way back I have a few cardboard tabs for store coupons (Albertson’s, Fred Meyers, Walgreens, etc).  In the very back I keep restaurant coupons.  I made the cardboard dividers using leftover cardboard boxes.  I traced an index card onto the cardboard and then added the title tab and cut one out.  I checked the size and then using the finished product I checked where I would want the middle title tab and estimated.  It took about a half hour from start to finish.  It cost nothing (I had the clear tub) and the cardboard was stuff we had laying around.

Categories: baby/kid, baking, beverages, breakfast, health & body, hair, tooth, med/vitamin, soap/lotion, shaving, eye, make-up, house cleaning, house misc, paper products, laundry, condiments/foreign, dairy, frozen, meat, snacks, pasta/rice/beans, produce/fruit/veg

*The aisles I used were Winco’s, but I’ve found things things are generally laid out the same in most grocery stores