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Thanks to some encouraging ladies (thanks ladies!) I met at a park today I decided to share an experience with couponing.  I started late last summer while trying to save for the adoption.  I struggled at first to be effective.  I tried following a couple different blogs and felt overwhelmed.  I eventually found Coupon Connections, which explained (in the FAQs) the common terms and laid out specific transactions that I could replicate.  If you are trying to save money and are willing to spend time learning, shopping, and cutting coupons then this is a good method to cut your grocery bill.  Today (as promised to the lovely ladies) I did a really minor shopping trip at Walgreens.

This is what I got (minus a Starbucks Refresher that I forgot to include in the photo).

I spent $1.99 (I used 3 $1 off coupons for the toothpaste which made them free and $1 off coupon for the the Mid-Nite), but I had $8 in Register Rewards from last week (like you see at the bottom of the photo).  So total spent was $9.99 and I got $8.99 (a $5 for the Midnite meds, $3 for the tampons, and $.99 for the Starbucks Refresher in Register Rewards).  I will use the rewards next week on a Sunday newspaper and any other deals that look good.

A few suggestions if you are just starting.  Start with one store.  Go slow and learn the lingo (i.e. RR/register rewards  – these can be used like cash at Walgreens and some Fred Meyers – not the one in Newberg, Oregon). If you are going to start with Walgreens here are some helpful tips.  One, you usually can’t use the RR to buy the same item you got it for (called “rolling”).  For example, you can’t buy a Starbucks Refresher, and then use the $.99 RR to turn around and buy another one.  Also at Walgreens you can’t have more coupons than items.  So you can always buy a filler item (like a can of tomato sauce) if needed.  I hope this helps, now go and save!!

3 thoughts on “Saving Cents”

  1. What a fun surprise to see this!! I logged in to tell you I dropped your rake off at Jamie’s office.
    Mel and I both loved talking with you and appreciated you taking the time to share your experience and enthusiasm with us. Hope to see you again soon.
    Annnnd as your new fan 🙂 someday would you put up a picture of your coupon box – I’ve never seen someone do it quite like that and I love it. And maybe how you did the tabs?

  2. I will post pics of my coupon box soonish (AKA when I have time). Also, Husband mocked me about having the “Midnight Menopause” box and the tampons. But the Midnight Menopause (when you read the ingredients) is really just melatonin (and a few other herbs). So I thought, why not get it?

  3. No worries! I already made mine – just was looking for ideas for what to call all the tabs. That was a good catch by your husband -I didn’t even notice the irony 🙂

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