Savings Cents II

I wanted to show what it looked like week to week at Walgreens.  This week I spent $13.27 on everything in the picture.

The 2 boxes of crackers were from Fred Meyer and cost $2.34, therefore my out of pocket (OOP) expense at Walgreens was $10.93 (for 5 mayos, 2 milks, 2 boxes of tampons, 3 aluminum foil, and 1 box of sleep melt-in-mouth meds).  I also walked out of the store with a total of $8 in Register Rewards.

I did 3 transactions at Walgreens.

Transaction #1 – I bought 1 box of tampons (used a $1 off coupon from last Sunday’s ads) and the sleep sheets (far right).  I also used (from last week a $5RR (Register Reward from Mid-Nite Meds).  My out of pocket (OOP) cost was $2.98.  I received a $3RR for the tampons (making them free) and a $5RR for the sleep sheets (a $.01 money maker/MM).  In summary, I spent $2.98 and received a total of $8 in RRs.

Transaction #2 – I bought 2 milks (on sale for $2.29) and another box of tampons (used $1 off coupon from Sunday’s ad).  I also used the $5RR from the previous transaction (#1).  My OOP was 2.57.  I again received the $3RR for the tampons.  In summary, I spent $2.57 and received $3RR.

Transaction #3 – I bought 5 mayonnaise (in Walgreens’ ad there was a buy $15 worth, receive $5RR).  I used (5) $1 off coupons (from last Sunday’s paper).  I also had to add 3 aluminum foil (in Walgreens’ ad coupon for .79/each) to be able to use the RRs from the previous transactions.  I then used the $3RR (tampons) from transaction #1, the $3RR (tampons) from last week, and the the $.99RR (Starbucks Refresher) from last week.  In summary I spent $5.38 and received $5RR (for the mayo).

So, overall I left the store with a $5RR from transaction #3 and a $3RR from transaction #2.

I hope this is helping with the lingo and the inspiration.  I’d like to post my Albertson’s doublers shopping picture for inspiration, but I don’t yet have time to write the post for it.

Total OOP = $16.07 not included the sunscreen or the smores makings (got those elsewhere).


4 thoughts on “Savings Cents II”

  1. Nice! This breakdown does help it all make sense. You were right, though that just starting small and getting used to using coupons is a good starting point. I took the boys out to a fun lunch for $6 using coupons at (Jem 100) and was stoked!!

  2. No, but I’m trying to donate food when I can get it for a really good deal/free at the local food bank. Because I feel like this is a real blessing in my life, it feels like I should be sharing out of our abundance. =D

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