I Don’t Want to be Human

If you read 5 Kids is a Lot of Kids (and if you’re a mother with kids in the house, you should), then you’ll be familiar with the post titled On Being Wrong and Being Human: Thoughts From a 6-Year-Old.  And if you’ve ever met my daughter, you know she is obedient, truthful, loving, compliant, and intelligent.  Oh, and she’s also an extreme perfectionist (at 5).  I had her listen to this 6 year old talk about “being human”.

In response, she said “I don’t want to be human.”

I wish I could say I responded brilliantly, or pulled out some amazing mom wisdom, but truthfully, as a kid, I was just like her.  And all I could find myself saying was, it is good to make mistakes, to try our best, to be human. Unfortunately, I didn’t believe it myself until I was adult.  I don’t know how she will walk this road, but we will walk it with her, imperfectly and absolutely humanly.