Mobile Home Demo

After moving the trailer to the property and moving out of our old house, one of our first tasks was to demolish the mobile home.  This ended up being a fiasco.  Because mobile homes have wheels they are different than a house (they have a title).  The county told us that we needed to give notice to the assessor’s office that we planned to demolish the mobile (so we wouldn’t be taxed for it).  So I called the assessor’s office and found out the title of the mobile hadn’t been transferred when the land was bought by the logging company (who sold it to us).  The logging company never owned the mobile but weren’t aware of that, so it delayed the closing process for about a week while they got it worked out.  Otherwise we would have been buying land with a mobile home on it that we didn’t actually own.

Then we began the process of trying to find a way to demo the mobile.  One Friday I called around 20 different places trying to find someone who could/would do it.  No luck!  We were getting desperate.  Then in a total God thing, we met a (super nice, married to barrel racing pro – which the girl went crazy over) neighbor who’s wife (the barrel racer) owned a trucking and excavation company.  If you’re in the Yamhill county area I would totally recommend them.  They have been prompt and fantastic to work with.  The demo of the mobile home was great fun to watch, but if I had it to do over again, I would try to get all the windows out first!





trailer demo

trailer demo II