Extreme Weather

The end of October and beginning of November here were wet, wet, wet!! It slowed our dig out slightly, but not significantly.  Our smaller seasonal creek was flowing and knee deep in some places.


Then we had wind.  We had two pretty strong wind storms (for us).   The first knocked down trees with power lines on the roads around us (we weren’t able to pick up our laundry at our neighbor’s).  The second did this….

drivewY TREE

That’s our driveway.  There had been a work truck parked right where the tree fell moments before.  The same wind storm knocked down a couple other trees on the other side of the property.




This was the largest tree that was knocked down – the roots were about 5 feet wide.


This limb went through our well house roof.


Then we had freezing temperatures.  Our heater in the trailer can’t quite keep up the temperature when it’s colder and our pipes almost froze.

For the first time since living in Oregon I am wishing for our rainy, grey, mild weather to return to stay until spring!