Precious Water

After 3 weeks of hauling water, (the first week from town, the second week from a neighbor, and the third week from our well) we appreciated on a new level what it meant not having limitless clean water.  The farthest we had to hand carry water was about 300 feet from our well to the trailer.  I was hauling around 10 gallons of water at a time and it was HEAVY!  I forget to be thankful for these “small” things that are part of our daily life.  What a gift!! When I think of the people (mostly women) all over the world, who walk much farther – for less water – that isn’t clean – I remember to give thanks for what is truly a treasure!

On our third weekend on the property we had a family work day to help us get temporary water from our well to our trailer.  What a blessing to have willing family and delicious, clean, available water!


We cleaned up some of the logs as well.


The kids were really helpful.  They moved rounds and helped insulate the water pipe.



And by the end of the day, we had water!  Praise the Lord!!