For me, the most exciting part of the build is the framing.  One morning there is nothing but a floor and the next thing you know – there’s a house, or at least the skeleton of one!



First thing in the morning the framers showed up.


By 11:30 – this was done.


Five minutes later – this was done.


We walked out to the road to take a look at the “front” of our house.  From the road you are actually looking at the back.  We’ve oriented the house so the bedrooms are all on the north side and all of our living spaces are on the south side.


This is the “back” of the house.  This was all done by 1:30.


And this… is my framed in PANTRY (and some little goofballs)!


3 thoughts on “Frame”

  1. How exciting! And awesome! Just want you to know we’re out here lurking and anticipating each new post – so fun to follow along. Nice work. 🙂

  2. Lots of windows is a great idea. Someone told us you can’t have too many windows and we are glad we took that advice. Linda

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