Horse Show

IMG_8358This girl won 2nd prize at her first ever horse show (no matter there was only 2 contestants in her class) and was so EXCITED!  The show was for horsemanship and her class was “mini horse – in hand”.IMG_8334This was where she competed, Wild Horse Mountain Farm.  It’s a beautiful place.IMG_8331 Getting ready to lead her pony through the mapped out obstacle course.IMG_8335Warming up in the indoor arena.  The goal is to have your horse (or pony) go straight down the middle of an obstacle, otherwise you lose points.  You can see here the pony is to the left of center and Sunita is moving the rope at her pony to get her back to center.IMG_8336The other little girl who has the same trainer gladly taught Titus some techniques while they were still warming up.IMG_8338Sunita beginning the first obstacle.IMG_8344One of the more difficult obstacles for many of the contestants – trying to get their horse or pony through the pond.IMG_8349This is Sunita’s trainer, Linda Wagner.  She is great teacher and the girls love her and she loves them – as you can see.IMG_8350

IMG_8361The girls had so much fun and hope to do it again in July.IMG_8330