Day 1 of Halo Traction

So, we are finishing day 1.

There ended up being an emergency surgery first thing this morning so our surgery ended up being delayed from a 12:30ish surgery to a 5:45ish surgery. Titus was a champ.  He complained about being hungry starting at about 2:00 but was pretty amazingly tough.  Not that it’s about us, but Jared and I didn’t eat during that whole time either, so we literally felt the discomfort right along with him.  It was a long day for all of us.  The surgery itself went pretty smoothly and quickly.  After surgery he woke up trying to take the halo off, roll over, scratch his nose, and pretty much move all over.  Eventually he woke up enough to stay still.  Then we moved into our more permanent room.

It has been pretty rough since then, he has fully realized what no moving means.  He wants to sleep on his side but can’t.  He has an IV, a catheter, and is hooked up to machines and he is uncomfortable.  He can’t eat a real meal until tomorrow, and the liquid diet isn’t helping Titus feel any happier.  The nurses don’t want him on solid food for 12 hours because it could make him nauseous and throwing up while in the halo would be awful.  But he just got his dose of Valium and seems to be heading towards sleep, which would be great.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting next to him, most often holding his hand, and hoping each day will get better.

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