Day 3 Halo Traction

Day 3 went pretty smoothly.  T is enjoying cruising in his wheelchair, so he spends quite a bit of time in that.  They have a playroom with a table just the right height to sit at in his wheelchair and play, so we do that as well. He also got to use the walker yesterday.  He didn’t like that as much (it’s so much slower than the wheelchair).  He loves the company he gets and spends down time watching movies.  He still has trouble falling asleep, primarily because he wants to lie on his side and he can’t.  But, he sleeps well after he gets through the initial discomfort. Jared stayed the night with him last night, which was a nice change for me.  This morning, day 4, he was able to have the catheter removed.

Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday morning around 9ish. It will be a long surgery, likely lasting all day.  The doctor is happy with the amount of muscle stretching happening and the bones may even be moving a tiny bit, which would be wonderful.  Once they do the spinal surgery he will be fitted with his Halo vest.  He will have the usual post surgical requirements before going home.  He will need to have pain under control, need to be up moving around, and pass at least one bm.  Then we will begin the next leg of this journey.