Post spinal fuse – night and day after

Last night was a difficult as expected.  Titus woke up form surgery spectacularly well, which was great.  It wasn’t so great as all of his body slowly and oddly “woke up” fully.  Pretty much all night long it was “Mom!!!” “I’m itchy/feel weird/dizzy/dirty/sad/tired/want to watch a movie/all.the.things.”.  Typical of waking from anesthesia (for him at least), he would wake up about every 15 minutes with something and promptly fall back asleep.  Which meant I really didn’t sleep.  Good news is we are through it.

Today he was an emotional wreck but medically did really well.  He got out of bed this morning amidst much crying and protesting that he didn’t want to try the wheelchair.  But he did it and it was really good – got a good amount of the mucous out of his mouth and lungs.  He ate a few bites of breakfast (scrambled eggs and cream of wheat) and had drank quite a bit the night before.  Because his urine levels were good he was able to get his fluid drip stopped and catheter removed.  He ate a few bites of ice cream for lunch.  He got up in the walker and used the bathroom (both 1 and 2).  He ate a few bites of roll for dinner.  He went to the bathroom again tonight and began to sleep soundly at 8:30.  Hopefully with a good night’s sleep, we’re really hoping tomorrow will be a better day.  Jared is taking tonight’s shift at the hospital so I can (hopefully) sleep like the dead at home.  The biggest concerns won’t much change from here on out.  We hope he can feel as little pain as possible, emotionally he can find balance, the bone graft takes, and  he can learn to live contentedly in the halo.  Onward to health and healing!