Spinal Fusion (day 6)

Today is Titus’ surgery.  He was the first surgery of the day (which is wonderful).  He was feeling pretty anxious.  He ended up going into surgery about 7:30am.   The surgery should take 8ish hours.

The surgery plan:  fuse the occipital bone (bottom of skull) to C2 (2nd vertebrae) or C3 (3rd vertebrae) depending on the vertebral bone condition.  They will do this by attaching a plate to the skull and using pins connect this to his vertebrae.  Like this:

Image result for cervical occipital spine fusion

Because the hardware will eventually fail, they will be doing a bone graft to (hopefully) have a bone bridge over the wonky C1 (1st vertebrae that your skull is supposed to sit on).  The extra bone will be from 2 of his ribs and they will use BMP to help the bone grow.

  • The concerns are:
    • Post surgical respiratory distress
    • Waking up well after surgery
    • Post surgical pain management
    • Bone graft “taking”
    • Halo success (both with the safety of using it – no skull fractures! and with the reduced energy level that the Halo will require)