Returning to Normal

Titus is doing well.  We won’t know if the bone graft is taking for months, but all his incision sites and pin sites look really good.  We’ve also scaled down the pain medication.  Today, we saw the reemergence of petty sibling squabbles and completely unnecessary tattling; so, back to normal.  We are all catching up on sleep, although its a long slow process for all of us.  Tomorrow we are going to try and start school.  Titus is always challenging and with the Halo and all in encompasses, I’m hoping we can still have a good school term.

One thought on “Returning to Normal”

  1. We really appreciate your sharing of the situation(s). Thank you Amy. We join with many others who pray for you and rejoice in your triumphs and have concerns about your trials. I hope family life is easier and school settles in to a pattern.
    Bless you! God is so good. He will send us Autumn.

    Much love:

    Linnea and Wayne

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