One Month Down

Titus is one month (and a half) through his 3-6 months of a Halo brace.  Unfortunately, his pins have developed infections that are not clearing up.  So every time we clean his pins (twice a day) it hurts.  And he is vocal and dramatic about the pain.

It makes the care difficult and exhausting.  And if this infection doesn’t clear up he may have to move into a full head and neck cast – which would be terrible.  We are doing all we can to clean the pins and hope for the best.  This added complication is making this journey feel even more challenging for all of us.

Despite the setback, Titus is doing great and living a mostly normal life.  We are thankful he continues to move towards healing and that the journey hasn’t been more difficult.  We won’t know if the bone graft is taking for a couple more months (at the soonest).  We’d be thrilled if it does take quickly, than the Halo comes off sooner.  We don’t really put much worry into the scenario if the bone graft doesn’t take, that’s a scarier situation and we are hoping for the best.  Usually I also like to prepare for the worst, but in this case there isn’t a lot we can do differently. We have mostly found a new “normal” but we are looking forward to this norm being replaced with full healing!

One thought on “One Month Down”

  1. Thank you for the update! We are grateful for the positives and prayerful for the hard stuff. We miss you all and look forward to seeing you each week!

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