A pregnancy pain…or something like it!

I usually am at least somewhat tolerable of a disordered, unorganized, slightly choatic home, but lately I have found myself absolutely a mess with our mess.  I thought at first that it was just a phase and it would pass, but BOY was I WRONG!!  I am feeling very overwhelmed – with all the changes for baby Sunita, cleaning my house,  getting storage built for the stuff being displaced by baby, and returning to work.  My first thought – quit work – but I am equally scared, anxiety-ridden, and completely helpless if I stay home!  And with work I’m not moping around missing my old job. GAH!?! Is this the “nesting”?  Cause frankly, I’m ready to be done with it.  Our house has been in a state of “improvement” since we moved in…4 years ago…and I’ve lived happily (mostly) in it all that time.  So now what do I do??


To God be the glory!! WOOHOO! We got our NOC (Non Objection Clearance) from India!! The NOC was the last major impediment to our journey. Which means that our little girl, Sunita Ruth, born 12/06/07 should be coming home in two and a half to three months if all goes according to plan! Of course, this is average timing and could very well go faster (please, oh please, oh please) or slower (*groan)!! I can’t post pictures online (not allowed to…what a bummer).  I can send pictures via email if you’d like to see her.

An idea of what our little girl could look like, now, later, and later still... beautiful

This is a picture of what she could look like: now, later, and later still — beautiful!

So now what?  Well, I might freak out a little, dance for joy, fret, agonize, brood, have moments of euphoria, and in general, slowly become unhinged!  What does a 9-month-old need?  What do we have? The nursery isn’t ready… WE ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS! GAH!!

We CAN have babies, I think…

Everyone wonders.  Some ask.  Our first choice.  Our God dream.  I know it’s unusual for two healthy, well-balanced, fertile, young married people to choose to adopt their first (and maybe all their children).  That explains it then, I am not well-balanced.  Now my husband, as many of you know – he is the balanced one.  How I talked him into this I’ll never know.