Why does everyone think they are Dr. Spock?

Yesterday I was sitting in the back with baby while hubby was driving us through the drive-thru Starbucks.  Now baby really doesn’t like to stop during her naps if we have been driving, so I was rocking her car seat back and forth to try to keep her asleep.  She quieted down so I put my hand on her chest and eagerly anticipated this special treat.  A moment later a tap, tap, tap was heard on the window.  An older woman was motioning for me to roll down the window.  Hubby did so for I, startled by her presence, stared blankly at her.  Once my window was down she launched into her diatribe; “that was far too violent of rocking, you should NEVER do that again; that scared me”.  She continued, but after that I was no longer listening because of my total and complete shock and horror.  I could think of nothing to say to her (I blame the suprising nature of her visit).  Instead of saying what I should have, I said “Oh, okay”.  I was flabbergasted, embarrassed, and most of all humilated (even though I know I had NO, ABOSOLUTELY NO, reason to feel that way)!  It was one of those times, when you think of SO many comebacks later, much much too late.  Jared was appalled.  He, as well as a friend who was with us, assured me I did nothing wrong or even close to wrong.  (Just in case you are trying to picture it, I was pulling and pushing the bar of her seat back and forth, not jerking).  I was hurt, I know I shouldn’t have been, but oh how it stung.  I tried to let it go but I am such a baby when it comes to that stuff.  I’m sure I’m not the only one to have had this happen, if you’d like to share stories I’d love to hear them.

Farts are Ageless and Other Parenting Updates

Sunita has been with us for a little over a month and will be 13 months old on the 6th of January.  During that time my husband said (to describe our daughter), “Voices change, looks change, so many other things change, but farts are ageless”.  The quote has stuck with me and now anytime our dearest little princess rips one, I think – that really COULD be an old man fart.  Good luck getting that out of your head.

Those of you who were so kind as to pray for us while our daughter was not sleeping, we would like to take this very public opportunity to thank you. Though the nightmares continue, Sunita has made it 4 nights in her crib in her own room (rather than being in the playpen in our room).  We are still getting up for her 3-5 times per night but getting her back to sleep is going much smoother.  We are slowly being able to reduce our involvement (from a 2 hour put down to a much more reasonable half hour) with her falling asleep.

Sunita has fully moved into being a mommy’s girl.  She is not content to play on the floor next to me; no she would much prefer to be on me.  Adorable and tiring.  I love it (at least the thought of it, if not the actuality), and it shows a great deal of healthy bonding.

She is really cruising … hello getting into everything before mommy or daddy have realized it.  She is also starting to open doors on cupboards and the TV stand.  Anything with buttons or knobs is like candy.  She can pull herself onto her knees and sit very well now and she is so close to pulling herself all the way up.  She locks her legs now (on occasion) and will stand with a prop.

She points with her finger when you ask, “Where’s mommy?”  How cute is that?

It all seems so NORMAL.  She is right on track for developmental milestones and has a charming personality. She seems to be bonding better then we dared to dream.  Yet, I don’t want to get caught up believing in a story of my making.  How do you really know if the little person really understands that you will never leave her, that we are her forever family?  How can I be sure she feels the same love, and more importantly, trust that I do?  This is a strange conflict my friends.


We spent Christmas eve with husband’s immediate family at Jason and Misty’s.  Believe it or not, this is one of the first FAMILY photos we have taken since we got home a month ago.

I think she has her dad’s eyes but my skin.

Another of Auntie M’s amazing and wonderful creations.

G’ma and G’pa O stayed with us on Christmas eve.  They didn’t feel like driving all the way home through the rough and bumpy snow.  Plus we had the novelty of having electricity, something they hadn’t had for several days.  So Christmas morning we were gifted with their presence.  It was very enjoyable!

Sunita surrounded by the gifts (AKA mess) of Christmas.

This also was the “on” year for hubby’s side of the family, meaning we had all the cousins, aunts and uncles, and Grandma J together.  I really, really like the big get togethers and now they are truly ginormous.  There are over 30 of us now.  Sunita and Nora were the newest arrivals.  Every get together seems to have another great grandchild making their first family appearance.  To keep to the tradition, there is already another on the way!  Another little girl perhaps?

Somehow, even though we took the camera we ended up with riduculously few pictures.  Like zero.  Yep, 0, none, nada, zip.  Wow.  Sunita’s first big family gathering with hubby’s family and zilch for pics.  What lame parents we are.  So when we got home we took some pictures of her in her jacket and dress.  Now if any of you family who read this blog actually took pictures and would like to send me some of the best of them, I’d appreciate it.

With jacket.

Just dress.

And Christmas for us is still going.  My family (with both my brothers and my parents) will be coming here the end of this month to celebrate Christmas for the fourth time.  We are lucky, lucky people, my friends!

I Am No Longer Basking in the Glow

I really enjoy my daughter, I do.  But now the excitement of having her home is wearing off and the reality of having a daughter is catching up. The nightmares (we think) are happening.  We were warned that she could have nightmares, as little as she is.  So, for no other apparent reason, she will wake up about every half hour at night wimpering to start and if we don’t get there in time moving to a full blown cry.  Every half hour. Yep.  We are tired.  Now, our family has been super supportive and offered to come give us a night off, BUT she is not like a birth child.  We have to work at the attachment business, which includes waking up every half hour.  We have found a way that she will stay asleep – sleeping on us.  Yep, not just with us, but on us.  Well, that’s comfy, or NOT.  Also, this puts us in the awkard position of trying to decide whether letting her sleep with us is something we want to encourage?  Letting her cry is not an option in our case.  Her needs must be met for awhile!  So we sit here this afternoon, enjoying the peacefulness of her nap in a quandary.

You know how when you are so doggone proud of your kids for doing somthing just right (like sleeping through the night or going potty in the toliet on their own)… that just by speaking the words (or writing the words down) it seems as though the child has unlearned everything they know and are doing the exact opposite.  Well, I’m hoping the same thing will happen but in the reverse for us. Silly me.

My World has Been Photoshopped…

…or so it feels.

This is a view of our street yesterday. And today there was even more snow.  This does NOT happen here.  Thanks global warming ;D

Yep, that IS snow falling in the background!

Our little pink black bear likes to eat and lick the snow.  The fact that its freezing really doesn’t seem to bother her at all.

Here’s our vehicles. This is today’s picture.

And the ruling (or ahem, ruler) is… 13 and 1/2 inches.  Woohoo!!

The munchkin and I have gone for several walks.  Lucky for Dad, he hasn’t had work so he gets to join us.  Lucky for us, Dad’s coat is big enough for us both!

Tonight’s view! We took the car out and about tonight and it did just fine.  Jared was going to shovel the driveway, but then we thought, “It’s a Subaru.  Why bother?”

I just want to say Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

A Visit!

Grandma and Grandpa D came to visit for the first time since baby arrived.  I thought I would post some of my favorite photos during their time here.  When I say favorite, what I really mean is when our daughter is doing something fairly normal and ordinary and we couldn’t be prouder.

The giraffe gets a wet sloppy kiss (same as the rest of us).  And btw, she blows kisses now too!

Nana and the Sunita.  She loves her purple cell phone. The thing on her head is grandpa’s ear warmers, backwards and upside down.  (And this was posted especially for Mom, to show I was able to get a photo of both of you even though Dad didn’t).

I actually think this is after my parents had left, but I couldn’t resist posting it.

Happy 1st Birthday!! (and other photos)

Sunita turned one on Saturday, Dec. 6th.  I am so thankful to have been able to celebrate this birthday with her here!

Alas, somehow with so many creative and talented people in my life, my little one’s first birthday was a testament to my lack of true creative talent.  Although it came together at the end, who knew that a first birthday would be such a big deal for mommy.  The teddy bear cupcakes may have got more attention than her for awhile. ;D

There is the birthday girl and you better believe she was ready for something sweet!

By time we actually got to the eating of the cupcakes she was about ready for a nap.  NOT such a great photo op. Tired and cranky girl!

These are other pictures of the darling since we have arrived home.  This girl likes to eat and loves to feed herself.  Although she doesn’t really look like it, she was loving the mac-n-cheese.

As all babies are, Sunita is very flexible.  Here, to her daddy’s continued amazement, she does the splits.

That’s a straw in her mouth, but this shot really is included to showcase the gorgeous sweater her Auntie M made her.  She is a talented woman, and we are glad to be on the receiving end of that talent!!

Something I have never experienced in all my years of watching kids, a girl who likes the lotion more in her than on her.  Every night after bath when I go to put her lotion on, she licks my hand any time it comes near her face.  Is this abnormal?  We think so.