Is Jesus in My Heart?

Sunita: Is Jesus in my heart?

Dad: If you want him to be.

Sunita: His arms and legs too?

And another…

Sunita: Is Jesus in your heart, Dad?

Dad: Yes.

Sunita: Is Jesus in Mom’s heart?

Dad: Yes.

Sunita: Is Jesus in Titus’ heart?

Dad: I don’t think Titus really “gets” Jesus yet.

Sunita: So there’s a lot of Jesuses?

Good Mommy

After rest, Sunita was telling me how she had just given birth to Baby Bandaid (one of her dolls) and what a “good mommy” she was to Baby Bandaid.  I asked her (teasingly) who taught her to be a good mommy?  She replied, “My Indian Mommy”.  Oh, I laughed – totally serves me right.  Smart girl, that child o’ mine.


my thanks

101 for siblings who play together, laugh together, and make up stories together

102 friday night pizza with friends, movie with popcorn

103 indoor play groups on rainy days with awesome women

104 a husband who makes time, in spite of a very busy schedule

105 a spontaneous cardboard airport project

106 other bloggers who share useful and practical help

107 a little girl who is soooo excited for the library’s very pink party (and for the library and their amazing children’s staff)

108 an inquisitive daughter and a son who is asking “why?” (and why and why and why – so maybe I am only thankful for that in theory, not so much in reality)

109 a wonderful job, which doesn’t feel like a job at all, but a joy

110 having parented

The “Write” Way

Sunita is officially reading and writing and it blows me away!

And as a side note, my blog post titled I’m Not Enough, has been shared on We Are Grafted In, an online adoption blog.

my thanks

#91 husband made coffee (this comes up surprisingly often!)

#92 free garden gifts from a neighbor who is moving (including raised beds!)

#93 starting to finally feel better after a terrible cold

#94 kids playing nicely together on the floor

#95 sunita looking forward to doing “school” with mom

#96 sunday night mr. rogers

#97 rain boots for the kids and I so we can be outside in the wet and mud

#98 sweet sleepy smiles from my boy

#99 sunshine filled days

#100!! 100 thanks written down


Girls and Babies

Are all girls like mine when it comes to babies?  My girl, she is crazy in love with babies.

The look she gets when she gets to hold a newborn is priceless.  It’s as if she won the lottery.  She shows her biggest and best smile.  Are we girls divinely designed to be moms?  I think for me and mine the answer is a resounding yes.

Settling In and Finding Out

We are settling into a family of four.  We have daily schedules and rhythms working surprisingly well.  The daily ins and outs, ups and downs of “normal” life.  It is nice.  It is comfortable.  It is wonderful to look back on four months with the newest member of our family and see how we have all grown and changed in the uncomfortable-abnormal time.  It’s hard having a new member enter your family, whether they are 1, or 2.5, or 20, or older.  Everybody has to make room, make space, adjust themselves and their relationships to each other.  It’s also wonderful, delightful, and joyful!

We are still growing, but it feels…. more… (sing it with me) “all together now”.

We are still getting to know our new son.  He is a crack-up, show-off, little punk.  He is endearing and adorable.  He is crying and whining less, consoling himself more, and showing so much growth.  He loves hugs and gives kisses, he lets his big sister touch him all. the. time.  He doesn’t mind me brushing his teeth (we got a smaller toothbrush) and only whines a little when we comb his hair or other unlikable daily events.  He shares toys or hoards them and has a hard time taking turns (how surprising for a two-year-old! =D).  He still HATES being redirected, but we have learned to allow him time to say good bye to whatever he was doing before he moves on and that helps tremendously.  He is as much a boy as Sunita is a girl.

Sunita is learning about sharing attention.  She is realizing how it isn’t all fun, all the time.  She is also starting to see the fun of being a big sister.  “Come here, Titus” she calls, not that he listens.  “Do this”, she tells him, not that he does.

Husband has a son who adores him.  As Sunita has always been a mommy’s girl, Daddy always played second fiddle.  Not anymore.  I think Titus would if he could when Daddy gets home.

Me, my heart has grown.  He feels more like my child, rather than a child I love but who belongs to another.  He  has given me new and different challenges and new and different blessings than my eldest.  He sleeps (thank Heavens!!) and he sleeps well!  He is much more active and physical.  As I’ve grown to know him more, I see although he isn’t cautious (physically), he isn’t risky either.  He is less obedient than the girl, but he isn’t headstrong or disobedient.  I try to touch him often and look into his eyes many, many times a day.  My kids, they have gorgeous eyes.  I’m finding my way into his heart too.  He lights up when he sees me and wants to hug me and kiss me in the morning, which I adore.  He tells me when we go outside (which is his favorite place) “Mama, Titus Whee happy”.  And I so love that he calls himself Titus Whee.

Finding our way to a family of four has been a journey in every sense of the word.  A wonderful, crazy, amazing, God-gifted journey.  And for that, I’m thankful.