It’s overwhelming. We got THE CALL. The one we have been waiting for… our little one, Sunita Ruth, has cleared courts. That means as far as India is concerned she is ours!! So now what? Well…

Step 6 – PREPARE For Our Trip;  IFS (International Family Services, our agency) receives the paperwork around 4 weeks after the case is heard in court (BUT it actually might be on its way now, IFS thought that it might be here sooner than 4 wks…hopefully, oooh so much hoping and wishing and praying!).  Then IFS sends the paperwork to the main office in Dallas, TX.

Step 7 – The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children [ICPC] (read more about them here –

An ICPC officer in TX contacts the ICPC officer here in OR to see if we have completed the state’s pre-adoption requirements. Can take days or WEEKS – ARRRGH! (Again, hope and pray for paperwork and wait!)

Step 8 – Travel to India; we will be there about a week. If you want to see an idea what we will be doing while there see the page on “We’re Going to India”.

A note about hope (and a sincere thank you for all of you who have prayed and hoped with us)

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune
Without the words,
and never stops at all.
Emily Dickinson (1830 – 1886)

Thank you all for hoping along with us! Yours prayers have made a difference, if not in the speed of the process (although I think you have made a difference there too), at least in my sanity (or relatively moderate insanity).

The Lord bless you and keep you, Sunita Ruth Ocker!

A pregnancy pain…or something like it!

I usually am at least somewhat tolerable of a disordered, unorganized, slightly choatic home, but lately I have found myself absolutely a mess with our mess.  I thought at first that it was just a phase and it would pass, but BOY was I WRONG!!  I am feeling very overwhelmed – with all the changes for baby Sunita, cleaning my house,  getting storage built for the stuff being displaced by baby, and returning to work.  My first thought – quit work – but I am equally scared, anxiety-ridden, and completely helpless if I stay home!  And with work I’m not moping around missing my old job. GAH!?! Is this the “nesting”?  Cause frankly, I’m ready to be done with it.  Our house has been in a state of “improvement” since we moved in…4 years ago…and I’ve lived happily (mostly) in it all that time.  So now what do I do??


To God be the glory!! WOOHOO! We got our NOC (Non Objection Clearance) from India!! The NOC was the last major impediment to our journey. Which means that our little girl, Sunita Ruth, born 12/06/07 should be coming home in two and a half to three months if all goes according to plan! Of course, this is average timing and could very well go faster (please, oh please, oh please) or slower (*groan)!! I can’t post pictures online (not allowed to…what a bummer).  I can send pictures via email if you’d like to see her.

An idea of what our little girl could look like, now, later, and later still... beautiful

This is a picture of what she could look like: now, later, and later still — beautiful!

So now what?  Well, I might freak out a little, dance for joy, fret, agonize, brood, have moments of euphoria, and in general, slowly become unhinged!  What does a 9-month-old need?  What do we have? The nursery isn’t ready… WE ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS! GAH!!

Cacti (and others) @ Seattle Conservatory

The Seattle Conservatory was a treat.  Even if plants don’t light your fire, go for no other reason than to stand under the blooming Angel’s Trumpet and breathe deep. The scent is heavenly and unlike most plants, best morning and eve.  The conservatory is nestled in Volunteer Park, and the park itself is a nice place.  My favorite part of that visit was the succulents.

I love cacti and succulents.  They are oddness glorified, and there was a room full of them!

Hen and chicks. Ok, so adorable name, ubiquitous and hardy, charming form – what’s not to love?!?

Jade necklace. I wouldn’t call it pretty exactly, but fascinating would do.

Jade relation. A note about growing jade plants indoors… supposedly these are the EASIEST plants to grow.  Virtually indestructible. So says you…I have managed to exterminate a whole mature pot of it. (Twice, ha)

OUCH! Some seats aren’t worth having regardless of how many gardens I’ve dragged you through!


Thank you Seattle…

…for the introduction to Dark Chocolate Linguine.  Truly amazing (as are the garlic basil penne and Italian mixed pasta).  Walking through Pike Street Market gave me a chance to dream of upcoming summer attractions from the Ocker kitchen.  I’m most excited to try the rose petal jelly – beautiful, overwhelmingly “rosy”, yet lovely.  I might even suck up the courage to try lavender jelly.  It wasn’t as good as the rose petal, but still unique and I have plenty enough lavender I do nothing with.  Then there’s the delicious pepper jelly which I may have to garlic up.  In this household, garlic makes everything better.  It seems jellies were at the top of the list.  And of course, the dark chocolate linguine with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and raspberries on top.

We laughed and laughed at these self-cleaning public toilets:

Yep, they are real and many are for sale (you guessed it – on eBay – starting bid $89,000)!  So for all of you who are self-cleaning ignorant (or heaven forbid, jealous), understand that the doors close and OPEN on their own.  After you exit, the doors will close fairly quickly and the toliet lid gets pulled back into the wall and cleaned.  (Ok, so one of the people there peeked in a crack to find this out).  It also alerts, “You have ten minutes until the doors open”.  But no pressure, right?  No hurry, you’re just trapped in a steel contraption that may open at any time while your pants are down.  So, to top off the fact that it was such a novelty to use that a friend of ours HAD to use it, we also got to see a man who really really had to go RIGHT NOW!  He popped in before the cleaning cycle could begin, which means the doors started to close as he entered.  And much like any automatic door, they started opening just as he was dropping drawers.  OOPS!

We CAN have babies, I think…

Everyone wonders.  Some ask.  Our first choice.  Our God dream.  I know it’s unusual for two healthy, well-balanced, fertile, young married people to choose to adopt their first (and maybe all their children).  That explains it then, I am not well-balanced.  Now my husband, as many of you know – he is the balanced one.  How I talked him into this I’ll never know.